Stormwater Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity



Who Needs One?
  • Facilities identified in 40 CFR Part 122 which discharge pollutants into surface waters of the Commonwealth are required to have the discharges authorized by an NPDES permit.
  • The scope of the General Permit is limited to discharges of stormwater from:
  • all industrial activities identified in 40 CFR 122.26(b)(14) except construction,
  • all petroleum marketing terminals, and
  • exposed salt storage and distribution piles 
What Discharges are Not Elegible?
  • Discharges contain toxic or hazardous pollutants
  • Discharges have the potential to cause significant adverse environmental impact
  • Discharges are to waters classified as "HQ" or "EV" waters under 25 Pa Code 93. Water Quality Standards
  • Discharges are not be in compliance with any of the terms or conditions of the General Permit
  • The applicant has failed to comply with a regulation, permit, or order issued by DEP
  • Discharges do not result in compliance with an applicable effluent limitation or water quality standard
  • Discharges are from activities which DEP determines require an individual permit to ensure compliance with the Clean Water Act, or the Clean Streams Law, or where a change has occurred in technology or practices for the control of applicable pollutants  
  • Discharges are mixed with sources of non-stormwater that are:
    • in compliance with a different NPDES permit
    • identified by and in compliance with Part C.1.a. (applicability of non-stormwater discharges) of the General Permit.
  • Discharges are associated with an activity subject to existing effluent limitation guidelines addressing stormwater 
  • Discharges are associated with an industrial activity from construction sites
  • Discharges are associated with an activity that would adversely affect a listed endangered or threatened species or its habitat;
  • Discharges are associated with inactive mining, inactive landfills, or inactive oil and gas operations where an operator cannot be identified
  • Discharges are located at a facility where an NPDES permit has been terminated or denied.

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