What Makes Princeton Analytical Different?

At Princeton Analytical, we combine traditional laboratory analysis with the most up-to-date forensic methods.

We're there for our clients. If a sample is Coliform+, elevated nitrates, or requires a change to quarterly monitoring, we actively communicate with our clients as well as DEP to address the situation and minimize potential disruptions.

Experienced and professional team
  • Michael J. Coyer, Ph.D., DABFT, Princeton Analytical’s Laboratory Director is a 20-year pioneer and innovator in both environmental and forensics laboratories.
  • We provide unmatched capabilities to help clients solve two critically important questions:  what’s in the sample and how it did it get there.
  • Learn more about our team.
Committed to Executing for the Client
  • Prompt and reliable sample collection
  • Deep expertise and the capability to perform a broad range of analytical testing
  • Accurate and repeatable lab analyses 
  • Dedicated technician reachable in the lab
  • Secure, online database gives you access to historical data at any time

Additional Drinking Water Information

Electronic Reporting Systems

Use these systems to help you prepare and submit your water quality data submissions
Drinking Water Reporting System (DWRS) Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) Data
Public access to data submitted

DWRS Search
Detection and violation information to assist community water systems with the preparation of the annual Consumer Confidence Reports.

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Analytical Capabilities: Microbiology

Analyte Method
Total Coliform + Fecal Coliform 9222B (m-endo)
Total Coliform + Fecal Coliform 9221E
Total Coliform + E Coli ColiTag
E Coli enumeration m-ColiBlue24

Please Contact us with any further requirements you may have.  Princeton Analytical partners with other accredited laboratories to supplement our capabilities.

Analytical Capabilities: Inorganics/Metals

Analyte Method
Antimony 200.9
Arsenic 200.9
Cadmium 200.9
Chromium 200.9
Copper 200.9
Lead 200.9
Nickel 200.9
Selenium 200.9
Silver 200.9
Thallium 200.9
Aluminum 200.7
Barium 200.7
Calcium 200.7
Copper 200.7
Iron 200.7
Magnesium 200.7
Manganese 200.7
Nickel 200.7
Sodium 200.7
Zinc 200.7
Calcium and Total Hardness as CaCO3 SM2340B
Chloride SM 4500 Cl B
Nitrate (as N) SM 4500 NO3 D
Nitrite (as N) SM 4500 NO2 B
Total Filterable Residue (TDS) SM 2540 C
Sulfate SM 4500  SO42 D
MBAS Surfactants SM 5540C
Oil & Grease EPA 1664A EPA 1664A
Non-Filterable Residue (TSS) SM 2540 D
Ammonia as N SM4500NH3 D
Ammonia preliminary distillation SM4500NH3 B
Total Phosphorus as P SM4500P E
Total Solids at 105 SM 2540B

Please Contact us with any further requirements you may have.  Princeton Analytical partners with other accredited laboratories to supplement our capabilities.

Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs)