SDWA Monitoring Waivers

Waiver requests and renewals must be made in writing for review and approval prior to the end of the applicable monitoring period. Until the waiver request or renewal is approved, the PWS is responsible for conducting all required monitoring.
DEP Monitoring Waivers Homepage
All Waiver Application Packages and Instructions
Waiver requests require:
  • Previous monitoring results
  • Inventory of land uses within a 1/2 mile radius around a groundwater source or within a a 10-mile semi-circular radius for surface water sources
  • Inventory of substances or products used for each land use
  • Site map showing the location of PWS sources and the distance to each land use (see eMAP)
  • A separate application for each entry point (EP) waiver request.

All waivers are effective for one compliance period and may be renewed in each subsequent compliance period.  DEP retains the right to revise or revoke any monitoring waiver if the conditions change under which the waiver was approved.